Leondus Edgar Mayfield ALFORD, son of Frank ALFORD and Annie Armandy ALFRED , was born May 01,1897. He married Tressie Phillips TATE October 20, 1929. He died December 25, 1965. Tressie Phillips TATE was born February 22, 1910. She died September 07, 1986.

Children of Leondus Edgar Mayfield ALFORD and Tressie Phillips TATE are:
1. Clara Mae ALFORD, b. [private] See Jeff Joseph SOLICE & Clara Mae ALFORD
2. Doris Marie ALFORD, b. [private] See ? & Doris Marie ALFORD OR Orel PLEASANT & Doris Marie ALFORD
3. Leondus Edgar Mayfield Jr. ALFORD, b. [private] See Leondus Edgar Mayfield Jr. ALFORD & Audie LEMONS OR Leondus Edgar Mayfield Jr. ALFORD & Betty IRVIN
4. Edith Ann ALFORD, b. [private] See Robert DORNAK & Edith Ann ALFORD OR Donnie PERSON & Edith Ann ALFORD
5. Merrel ALFORD, b. October 04, 1940 See Merrel ALFORD & Ruth Ann STEVENS
6. Jerrel ALFORD, b. [private] See Jerrel ALFORD & Joan HAMLIN
7. Robert Lyle ALFORD, b. [private] See Robert Lyle ALFORD & Freda PLACE
8. Elvin Roy ALFORD, b. [private] See Elvin Roy ALFORD & Fran STEVENS
9. Albert Earl ALFORD, b. [private] See Albert Earl ALFORD & Ramona Ann LEE
10. William Franklin ALFORD, b. [private] See William Franklin ALFORD & Charlotte MORVAN
11. Juanita Faye ALFORD, b. [private] See Douglas Lee REMEDIES & Juanita Faye ALFORD OR Aubrey A. DUVAL & Juanita Faye ALFORD

Other Marriages for Leondus Edgar Mayfield ALFORD:
See Leondus Edgar Mayfield ALFORD & Celia Mahalia Polayanna Sarfornia ACKLEY OR Leondus Edgar Mayfield ALFORD & Mary Grace HUKINS

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