Nicholas A. MCGHEE was born February 01,1806 in , Washington County, Tennessee. He married Mary Ann CLICK February 15, 1833 in , Greene County, Tennessee. He died September 01, 1885 in Casa, Perry County, Arkansas. Mary Ann CLICK, daughter of Malachi Sr. CLICK and Rebecca HAWKINS , was born 1815 in , Greene County, Tennessee. She died bef. 1880 in , , Arkansas.

Children of Nicholas A. MCGHEE and Mary Ann CLICK are:
1. Rebecca J. MCGHEE, b. 1832
2. Dorothy L. MCGHEE, b. 1833
3. William Alexander MCGHEE, b. January 08, 1835 See William Alexander MCGHEE & Anna GREEN
4. Cynthia MCGHEE, b. 1837
5. Malachi P. MCGHEE, b. 1839
6. Marion MCGHEE, b. 1841
7. Mary C. MCGHEE, b. 1843
8. James K. P. MCGHEE, b. 1844
9. Sarah MCGHEE, b. 1846
10. Nicholas Anderson MCGHEE, b. 1852 See Nicholas Anderson MCGHEE & Martha A. G. COATS OR Nicholas Anderson MCGHEE & Emma J. RHEA
11. George H. MCGHEE, b. 1854
12. Josie E. MCGHEE, b. 1856

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