William Franklin MORGAN, son of Daniel Franklin MORGAN and Martha Jane HARRISON , was born November 04,1875 in Center Hill Community, Houston County, Texas. He married Marvin Hood JULIAN December 13, 1894 in , Houston County, Texas. He died October 17, 1944 in Kennard, Houston County, Texas. Marvin Hood JULIAN, daughter of William Frederic JULIAN and Permelia B. BREASHERS , was born January 28, 1878 in , Houston County, Texas. She died April 10, 1968 in Kennard, Houston County, Texas.

Children of William Franklin MORGAN and Marvin Hood JULIAN are:
1. Alma Grace MORGAN, b. September 08, 1895
2. Cora Effie MORGAN, b. January 07, 1897 See William P. FREELAND & Cora Effie MORGAN
3. Lou Ella MORGAN, b. May 11, 1898 See James Sidney MILLWEE & Lou Ella MORGAN
4. William Luther MORGAN, b. April 16, 1900 See William Luther MORGAN & Rosa Minta BLAKEWAY
5. Edgar Lee MORGAN, b. November 25, 1901
6. Minnie Ruth MORGAN, b. November 04, 1903 See Clyde Elmer HALL & Minnie Ruth MORGAN
7. Georgia Permelia MORGAN, b. February 09, 1905 See Ernest Ramon BEARD & Georgia Permelia MORGAN OR Earnest Ramon BEARD & Georgia Permelia MORGAN
8. Delma Irene MORGAN, b. May 04, 1907 See Rayburn Buford Sr. HALL & Delma Irene MORGAN
9. Grady Henry MORGAN, b. September 27, 1909 See Grady Henry MORGAN & Rosetta HUTCHERSON
10. John Walter MORGAN, b. November 03, 1911
11. Ruby Elmira MORGAN, b. December 15, 1915 See Living HURTT & Ruby Elmira MORGAN
12. Herbert Lester MORGAN, b. January 13, 1921 See Herbert Lester MORGAN & Elizabeth Albertine THOMPSON

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