William Frederic JULIAN, son of George Washington JULIAN and Loucetta A. COONS , was born September 22,1846 in , Pickens County, Alabama. He married Permelia B. BREASHERS January 19, 2003 in , McNair County, Tennessee. He died March 23, 1923 in Latexo, Houston County, Texas. Permelia B. BREASHERS, daughter of Absolom Alfred BRASHEAR and Ellender "Nellie" ROSS , was born January 19, 1846 in , McNair County, Tennessee. She died September 16, 1920 in Kennard, Houston County, Texas.

Children of William Frederic JULIAN and Permelia B. BREASHERS are:
1. Lucetta Ellinor JULIAN, b. August 11, 1872 See Leroy Scott ALFRED & Lucetta Ellinor JULIAN
2. George Dennis JULIAN, b. September 22, 1870 See George Dennis JULIAN & Ester Louise MORGAN
3. Joe Collins JULIAN, b. December 18, 1875 See Joe Collins JULIAN & Minnie PADGETT
4. Marvin Hood JULIAN, b. January 28, 1878 See William Franklin MORGAN & Marvin Hood JULIAN
5. Minnie JULIAN, b. 1880 See Mark Dryden PADGETT & Minnie JULIAN
6. Morgan Walter JULIAN, b. February 18, 1885
7. William Ross JULIAN, b. December 03, 1882 See William Ross JULIAN & Eliza Belle ???

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