William Jackson BRASUELL was born October 04,1873 in Arkansas. He married Alice Ann HARDIN July 07, 1895 in De Leon, Comanche County, Texas. He died January 02, 1955 in De Leon, Comanche County, Texas. Alice Ann HARDIN, daughter of Joseph Franklin HARDIN and Mary Frances KYLE , was born May 07, 1879 in Crockett, Houston County, Texas. She died January 07, 1958 in De Leon, Comanche County, Texas.

Children of William Jackson BRASUELL and Alice Ann HARDIN are:
1. Clara May BRASUELL, b. June 26, 1896 See Joseph UNDERHILL & Clara May BRASUELL
2. Ora Magadaline BRASUELL, b. December 14, 1897 See John Virgil GILDER & Ora Magadaline BRASUELL
3. John Calvin BRASUELL, b. November 22, 1900 See John Calvin BRASUELL & Eva STEELE OR John Calvin BRASUELL & Katie Lee HAMILTON
4. Jewell Franklin BRASUELL, b. March 21, 1904 See ____ DAYLE & Jewell Franklin BRASUELL
5. Alta Lee BRASUELL, b. October 23, 1906 See Edgar Franklin PARKER & Alta Lee BRASUELL
6. Joseph Grant BRASUELL, b. July 14, 1909 See Joseph Grant BRASUELL & Ruby La Vara BOWMAN
7. Viola Mildred BRASUELL, b. February 27, 1912 See N.B. PIERCE & Viola Mildred BRASUELL
8. Clarence Nugent BRASUELL, b. August 14, 1915 See Clarence Nugent BRASUELL & Una Wae CAMPBELL

Notes for Alice Ann HARDIN:

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