Joseph Grant BRASUELL, son of William Jackson BRASUELL and Alice Ann HARDIN , was born July 14,1909. He married Ruby La Vara BOWMAN . He died June 01, 1981. Ruby La Vara BOWMAN was born 1918.

Children of Joseph Grant BRASUELL and Ruby La Vara BOWMAN are:
1. Lela La Vera BRASUELL, b. [private] See Robert James CARUTHERS & Lela La Vera BRASUELL
2. Glenda Alice BRASUELL, b. 1942 See Charles Leon BARRON & Glenda Alice BRASUELL
3. Ruthie Joyce BRASUELL, b. 1943 See Bobbie Wayne CUTBIRTH & Ruthie Joyce BRASUELL
4. Ruby Kathryn BRASUELL, b. 1947 See Jimmy Estes GREEN & Ruby Kathryn BRASUELL OR James Carl PENDLEY & Ruby Kathryn BRASUELL OR Glenn Eldon HOLDRIDGE & Ruby Kathryn BRASUELL
5. Margaret Joie BRASUELL, b. 1950 See ? & Margaret Joie BRASUELL
6. Rebecca Melissa BRASUELL, b. 1957 See Billy Joe WILDER & Rebecca Melissa BRASUELL
7. Juanita Lanora BRASUELL, b. 1954 See David Joe PRATER & Juanita Lanora BRASUELL

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