William Elliott Sr. KINCHELOE, son of John Sr. KINCHELOE and Elizabeth CANTERBURY , was born May 26,1736 in Hamilton Parish, Prince William County, Virginia. He married Mary WHITE 1760 in , Prince William County, Virginia. He died August 09, 1797 in Chaplin, Nelson County, Kentucky. Mary WHITE was born February 09, 1742 in , Fairfax County, Virginia. She died November 21, 1831 in Chaplin, Nelson County, Kentucky.

Children of William Elliott Sr. KINCHELOE and Mary WHITE are:
1. Mary KINCHELOE, b. 1771 See Warren DAVIS & Mary KINCHELOE
2. Thomas Ludwell KINCHELOE, b. October 08, 1761 See Thomas Ludwell KINCHELOE & Hannah ROBINSON OR Thomas Ludwell KINCHELOE & Nancy EDWARDS
3. Stephen KINCHELOE, b. abt. 1763 See Stephen KINCHELOE & Ann HAYDEN OR Stephen KINCHELOE & Elizabeth TAYLOR
4. Sarah KINCHELOE, b. abt. 1765 See Richard TAYLOR & Sarah KINCHELOE
5. Clarissa KINCHELOE, b. 1767 See Isaac DAVIS & Clarissa KINCHELOE
6. Margaret Peggy KINCHELOE, b. 1769 See Travis DAVIS & Margaret Peggy KINCHELOE
7. Lewis KINCHELOE, b. aft. 1773 See Lewis KINCHELOE & Elizabeth WORTHINGTON OR Lewis KINCHELOE & Mildred RENO
8. Elias Sr. KINCHELOE, b. abt. 1776 See Elias Sr. KINCHELOE & Rebecca REACTOR OR Elias Sr. KINCHELOE & Anna B. JACKSON
9. Jesse Davis KINCHELOE, b. May 05, 1784 See Jesse Davis KINCHELOE & Mary Lewis TAYLOR OR Jesse Davis KINCHELOE & Anna Stone COCHRAN
10. William Elliott Jr. KINCHELOE, b. March 22, 1786 See William Elliott Jr. KINCHELOE & Ann H. ??? OR William Elliott Jr. KINCHELOE & Elizabeth Mary WORTHINGTON

Other Marriages for William Elliott Sr. KINCHELOE:
See William Elliott Sr. KINCHELOE & Mary BETTS

Notes for William Elliott Sr. KINCHELOE:

Notes for Mary WHITE:

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