John Sr. KINCHELOE, son of Cornelius KINCHELOE , was born 1695 in Stafford Parish, Prince William County, Virginia. He married Elizabeth CANTERBURY abt. 1718 in North Farmham Parish, Richmond County, Virginia. He died 1746 in Hamilton Parish, Stafford, Prince William County, Virginia. Elizabeth CANTERBURY, daughter of John CANTERBURY and Ruth WILLIAMS , was born 1698 in Richmond, Old Rappahannock County, Virginia. She died abt. 1777 in Stafford Parish, Prince William County, Virginia.

Children of John Sr. KINCHELOE and Elizabeth CANTERBURY are:
1. William Elliott Sr. KINCHELOE, b. May 26, 1736 See William Elliott Sr. KINCHELOE & Mary BETTS OR William Elliott Sr. KINCHELOE & Mary WHITE
2. Mary KINCHELOE, b. abt. 1719 See Uriaj HUNT & Mary KINCHELOE OR Richard Jr. SIMPSON & Mary KINCHELOE
3. Daniel Sr. KINCHELOE, b. January 08, 1722 See Daniel Sr. KINCHELOE & Susan DAVIS OR Daniel Sr. KINCHELOE & Elizabeth WICKLIFFE
4. Elizabeth KINCHELOE, b. 1726 See Rhodham BLANSETT & Elizabeth KINCHELOE OR Isaac DAVIS & Elizabeth KINCHELOE
5. John Jr. KINCHELOE, b. October 22, 1728 See John Jr. KINCHELOE & Mary WICKLIFFE
6. Wileman KINCHELOE, b. abt. 1730
7. James Ulysses KINCHELOE, b. 1727
8. Nancy Ann KINCHELOE, b. abt. 1734 See Thomas II STRIBLING & Nancy Ann KINCHELOE
9. Cornelius KINCHELOE, b. October 08, 1721
10. Margaret KINCHELOE, b. abt. 1738 See George Jr. FOOTE & Margaret KINCHELOE
11. Sarah KINCHELOE, b. abt. 1741 See William TYLER & Sarah KINCHELOE

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