Monuments to the Immigrants

Monuments recognizing the contributions of the Isola delle Femmine immigrants can be found in Monterey, Martinez, and Pittsburg, all in California.

Left: Pietro (Pete) Ferranti immigrated to the U.S. in 1899. Here he is recognized as a founder of the fishing and canning industries in Monterey.  The inscription reads "Pietro Ferranti, 1867-1954, by vision and example an inspiration and leader among the founders of the Monterey fishing and canning industry which added greatly to the history and fortune of Monterey."  This bust is located between Fisherman's Wharf and the Heritage Harbor complex in Monterey.

Above Right: A statue of Santa Rosalia, the patron saint of Monterey's Sicilian fisherman, stands on a pedestal overlooking Monterey's Old Fisherman's Wharf. The inscription at the base of the statue reads "Santa Rosalia patron saint of the Italian fisherman in Monterey (Palermo 1132-September 4, 1166). This monument is respectfully and gratefully dedicated in memory of those courageous Sicilian fisherman whose labors and pioneering spirit, at the beginning of the 20th century, created and developed a great sardine industry and whose heritage and culture contributed significantly to the growth of this City and its surrounding areas."

Below: Buildings in the Heritage Harbor complex near Fisherman's Wharf in Monterey are named for individuals who have made a significant contribution to the community.  The Giamona building, shown below, is named for Francesca Giamona, a founder of Monterey's Santa Rosalia Festival.

This monument is located in Martinez, California. It can be found at the water front overlooking the Sacramento River. It recognizes the original Sicilian fisherman. The names on this memorial are:

  • Aiello, Antonino & Family
  • Aiello, Francesco & Family
  • Aiello, Giuseppe & Family
  • Aiello, Mercurio & Family
  • Aiello, Vincenzo& Family
  • Amato, Peter
  • Balestrieri, Giuseppe
  • Bellecci, Francesco & Family
  • Bellecci, John & Salvadore C.
  • Bellecci, Giovanni & Family
  • Bruno, Gaetano & Family
  • Bruno, Francesco
  • Cardinalli, Nino & Family
  • Chantri, Andrew & Family
  • Ciaramitero, Francesco
  • Compagno, Salvatore
  • Compagno, Salvatore R.
  • Costanza, Rocco & Family
  • Davi, Peter B.
  • DiMaggio, Giuseppe & Family
  • DiMaggio, Nino & Francesco
  • DiMaggio, Salvatore & Family
  • DiMaggio, Vincenzo& Family
  • Drago, Salvatore & Family
  • Ferranti, Horace
  • Ferranti, Giuseppe & Family
  • Ferranti, Peter & Family
  • Fontana, Giuseppe & Family
  • Franchi, Tony & Family
  • Galli, Salvatore
  • Giamona, Paul & Family
  • Gianno, Pietro & Family
  • LoBello, Vincenzo & Rocco
  • LiCavoli, Giuseppe
  • Lucido, Agostino & Family
  • Lucido, Francesco & Orazio
  • Lucido, Frank Paul & Family
  • Lucido, G. (Gavallo) & Family
  • Lucido, Nino, Ray & Sal
  • Lucido, Peppi (Palido) & Family
  • Lucido, Pietro
  • Marazzani Family
  • Marchi, Francesco
  • Mercurio, Domenio & Sal
  • Pagnini, Paul
  • Pellegrini, Luigi & Family
  • Pizzimenti, Natale & Family
  • Quontamatteo, Fred Sr. & Family
  • Romeo, Vincent & Family
  • Rubino, Neno
  • Russo, Antonio & Family
  • Russo, Natali
  • Russo, Salvatore & Family
  • San Filippo, Francesco
  • Sansone, Giuseppe & Family
  • Savioni, Mario
  • Scola, Jim & Family
  • Tarantino, Giuseppe
  • Troia, Pietro & Family
  • Vitale, Nick

Isola delle Femmine Plaza in Pittsburg, California honors the Sicilian fisherman for their contribution to the City of Pittsburg. The park also contains a monument (not pictured) listing the names of the original fisherman. This listing appears below. Pittsburg and Isola delle Femmine are sister cities. A replica of the fisherman statue shown here can be found in a waterfront park, the Piazza de Pittsburg, in Isola delle Femmine (see Photo 1 page). The sculptor of both statues was Frank Vitale. The fisherman in the art work is a likeness of the sculptor's father.

Fishermen's Memorial, Pittsburg, California (not pictured)

The inscription on the memorial reads, "In memory of the Italian fishing pioneers who settled and developed early Pittsburg." The names on the memorial are listed below alphabetically. This is not the order in which they appear on the memorial.

Vincenzo Adante Vincenzo Adante
Antonio Aiello Arasino Aiello
Erasimo Aiello Francesco Aiello
Gioacchino Aiello Giovanni Aiello
Giuseppe Aiello Giuseppe Aiello
Giuseppe Aiello Giuseppe Aiello
John Aiello Joseph Aiello
Matteo Aiello Michele Aiello
Orazio Aiello Paolo Aiello
Paul Aiello Pietro Aiello
Rosario Aiello Salvatore Aiello
Tuni Aiello Vincenzo Aiello
Vincenzo Aiello Orazio Abono
Giuseppe Allioti Giovanni Anello
Giuseppe Archedono Salvatore Arno
Tredo Ballante Antonio Bellecci
Ciro Bellecci Giuseppe Bellecci
Marco Bellecci Orazio Bellecci
Orazio Bellecci Paolo Bellecc
Pete Bellecci Salvatore Bellecci
Stefano Bellecci Steve Bellecc
Vincenzo Belleci Natale Bologna
Placid Bono Antonino Bruno
Antonio Bruno B.C. Bruno
Benito Bruno Benito Bruno
Cosimo Bruno Erasimo Bruno
Francesco Bruno Frank Bruno
Giuseppe Bruno Giuseppe Bruno
Giuseppe S. Bruno Nino Bruno
Pepino Bruno Pietro Bruno
Salvatore Bruno Shedo Bruno
Shedo Bruno Tredo Bruno
Tredo Bruno Vincenzo Bruno
Vincenzo Bruno Bonaventura Calvaliere
Andrew Cardinale A.W. Cardinale
Benito Cardinale George Cardinale
Girolamo Cardinale Giuseppe Cardinale
Pietro Cardinale Rosario Cardinale
Salvatore Cardinale Shedo Cardinale
Stefano Cardinale Vincenzo Cardinale
Vincenzo Cardinale Vincenzo Cardinale
Erasimo Cataldo Giuseppe Catalone
Nick Catania Vincenzo Catania
Dave Cato Pasquale Ciaramitero
Santo Comina Gaetano Compagno
Nino Compagno Nito Compagno
Sal Compagno Ratzi Coniglio
Paolo Costa Frank Costanza
Gaetano Costanza Joseph Costanza
Nino Costanza Nino Costanza
Rocco Costanza Andrew Crivello
Gaetano Cutino Paolo Cutino
A.E. Davi A.G. Davi
Anthony Davi Antonio Davi
Antonio Davi Antonio Davi
Antonio Davi Antonio B .Davi
Barney Davi Bartolo Davi
Benito Davi Erasimo Davi
Erasimo Davi Francesco Davi
Giuseppe Davi Giuseppe Davi
James Davi Joe Davi
Nino Davi Nino Davi
Orazio Davi Salvatore Davi
Tredo Davi O.V. Davi
Giuseppe DiFlori Chico DiMaggio
Gaetano DiMaggio Gaetano DiMaggio
Giuseppe DiMaggio Giuseppe DiMaggio
Joe DiMaggio Nino DiMaggio
Ratzi DiMaggio Salvatore DiMaggio
Victor DiMaggio Vincent DiMaggio
Vincenzo DiMaggio Ciro DiMercurio
Giovanni DiMercurio Matteo DiMercurio
Pepe DiMercurio Sal DiMercurio
Salvatore DiMercurio Shedo DiMercurio
Tonto DiMercurio Joseph DeRosa
Giuseppe DiStefano Joe DiStefano
Frank Paul Enea Rocco Enea
Sebastian Enea Silvester Enea
Antonio Ferranti Chico Ferranti
Francesco Ferranti Nino Ferranti
Pete Ferranti Ratzi Ferranti
Vincenzo Flores Paul Flores
Gaetano Galla Domenic Gentile
Alexander Grillo Andrew Grillo
Carl Grillo Joe Grillo
Antonio Lombardo Frank Lombardo
Frank Lombardo Frank Lombardo
Joe "Pepe" Lombardo Salvatore Lombardo
Salvatore Lombardo Rosario Luccadello
Antonino Lucido Erasimo Lucido
Francesco Lucido Giovanni Lucido
Giuseppe Lucido Giuseppe Lucido
Gus Lucido Nino Lucido
Nino Lucido Orazio Lucido
Paolo Lucido Pietro Lucido
Pietro Lucido Pietro Lucido
Rocco Lucido Salvatore Lucido
Vincent Lucido Vincenzo Lucido
Vincenzo Lucido Vincenzo Lucido
Vincenzo Malenise Andrew Mercurio
Antonio Mercurio Frank Mercurio
Giuseppe Mercurio Michael Mercurio
Pepe Mercurio Pietro Mercurio
Salvatore Mercurio Tredo Mercurio
Rosario Moreno Sebastino Napa
Lawrence Orlando Mercurio Orlando
Salvatore Partinico Fillipo Premeso
Giuseppe Rappa Topny Ricano
Salvatore Ricardo Vincenzo Riccobono
Genaro Rizzo Pietro Rizzo
Horace Romeo Joe Romeo
Nino Romeo Sal Romeo
Sal Rubino Antonio Russo
Antonio Russo Antonio Russo
Antonio Russo Antonio Russo
Antonio Russo Frank Russo
Gaetano Russo Giuseppe Russo
Leonardo Russo Nino Russo
Orazio Russo Pepino Russo
Salvatore Russo Salvatore Russo
Salvatore Russo Stefano Russo
Tredo Russo Vincenzo Russov
Gaetano Scola Erasimo Siino
Frank Siino G.E. Siino
Pietro Siino Domenic Spinalli
Salvatore Taormina Erasimo Terezza
Francisco Terezza Giuseppe Terezza
Antonio Troia Antonio Troia
Joe Troia Alfred Viscuso
Gaetano Viscuso John Viscuso
Pepino Viscuso Ignazio Canepa